Toronto Insulation & Re-Roofing

home insulation torontoRoofing and insulation seem like they’re dissimilar and unconnected. However, they are very much connected and part of a system. The better the quality and efficiency of the insulation system in the attic, the longer the shingles should last. For example, excessive heat loss and air leakage from the attic floor migrates into the attic space and causes all sorts of problems….mold, mildew, condensation, ice damming…….all conditions that degrade the roofing system.

During re-roofing, it is usually the ideal time to be able to air seal and insulate areas that might only be accessible when the re-roofing is in progress. And it is quite possible that the new insulation system can be done better, more cost effectively and more accurately.

We can work in conjunction with your roofer to be able to accurately and effectively insulate areas such as cathedral ceilings, flat roof cavities, tapered cavities along the perimeter, stranded attics, dormer attics and other tight places that are part of the thermal envelope.

We have got you covered for all re-roofing and insulation needs. Contact us before your re-roofing project!

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