Spray Foam Insulation Toronto

spray foam insulation torontoSpray foam insulation: is applied as a liquid, and quickly expands to form a continuous, monolithic barrier in all areas that require insulation.

Spray foam insulation is becoming known as a superior insulation, and for good reason. Consider the benefits:

  • Energy savings: reductions in air leakage and thermal heat loss can reduce energy costs by 30-60%
  • Improved air quality: eliminates migration of dust, pollen, allergens and odours, will not support mold and mildew (and will do a lot to prevent it!);
  • Provides a continuous air barrier: seals off air leakage;
  • Fits perfectly in any building assembly by expanding to seal cracks, gaps and voids in walls and ceilings and other building assemblies, including irregular-shaped cavities and complex framing;
  • Solves typical problems associated with drafty rooms, frozen pipes, cold floors, moisture build-up;
  • Improves durability and strength of building assemblies;
  • Provides superior thermal performance, far exceeding conventional insulation materials;
  • Fits perfectly, even in irregular shaped cavities and complex framing.

For further information about the products we use:
Icynene: www.icynene.com
Heatlok soya: www.heatlok-soya.com
Polarfoam Soya: www.polyurethanefoamsystems.com
Walltite Eco: www.walltite.com

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